Design & Copyright protection

We really value our design of shadow board as it's different from anything you would have seen, where aesthetics and functional robustness can exist together to add value.

We have a Registered Design Right within the EU that covers the essence of what our product is and will actively prosecute any attempt to copy our design or any design that uses an image of the product as the shadow of the "shadow board" that is printed behind a transparent protective layer. In addition, our design right also covers the display of any type of "condition guide" or "tool use guide" that is intergarated into the shadow board.

If you are not sure if it affects your work, please do not hesitate to Contact Us for clarification.

For those who are not sure what design rights cover, the summary below gives a good definition.

A design is a practical way to define and protect your innovation. A design is a company asset that can be traded or used as collateral, that rewards your creative effort, that acts as your IP signature.

Designs are well defined in the European Union.

"The appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation".

Article 3 of the Design Regulation